Car Accidents: The Major Highway Collision Causes

Highways can be considered as one of the safest places that one can drive in. This is usually because traffic is flowing towards the same direction, but you will be surprised to discover that this is not always the case, as you will at one time or the other witness some collision on a major highway. If you take a keen look at those accidents, you will realize that some causes keep on causing such collisions on the highway. Maybe you have been involved in a minor or major highway collision, here are some of the main and most common causes of highway collisions.causes of road accidents

Drowsy driving

With slow-moving traffic jams being a major characteristic of many big cities, drivers spend long periods on highways hence making potential candidates to suffer from drowsy driving. From the research that has been carried out and figures from the National Highway Safety Authority, it has been discovered that a large percentage of collisions on the highway is caused by drowsy driving. When you mix the delayed reaction time and the high-speed driving, then you are most certainly going to get a deadly result.

Careless/reckless driving

Another major and most common cause of highway collisions is the carelessness and recklessness of drivers. You will discover that most individuals more especially when driving on high-speed highways drive carelessly. According to Smith Jones Solicitors, caress driving is the major cause of accidents committed  by young drivers. The advice young drivers to be cautious and avoid substance abuse which may lead to impaired judgment on the road.

In instances where drivers have traveled over long distances, there is a possibility that they will become careless. Hence they will either overspend, weave in and out of traffic, lose their concentration hence paying less attention or even become impatient in certain instances hence leading to highway collisions.

Weather conditions

road accident causesAnother major cause of highway collisions is unfavorable weather conditions. Even though not all places around the world area affected by snow or ice, there are a host of other conditions that can cause highway collisions if one is not careful. For instance, if it is raining, or there is a lot of fog, there is a high possibility of one getting involved in a collision if they are driving faster than there commended speed because visibility is very low. Additional, bad weather conditions can quickly lead to pile-ups which can cause highway collisions resulting to damage of property, injuries or even deaths in fatal cases.

Night time driving

Since driving occurs on highways throughout the day, there is a possibility that some collisions can be due to the inability of some drivers to see properly during the night. Additionally, highway collisions are likely to happen at night because at this time a driver has to contend with many commercial vehicles or even trucks which travel during this time. The rate of highway collision is also high because your site is not only inhibited, but there is a high probability of you feeling drowsy.

Unsafe lane change

When one is driving on a high-speed highway, it is very dangerous to change lanes. If you are not careful, you may end up in a collision.

Additionally, some collisions are also caused by those individuals who are ever in haste. They usually change lanes dangerously leading to collisions.