Steps to Take if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

The abuse in the nursing homes can be manifested in different ways. The abuse may be financial, emotional, and physical, which is the most, common type of abuse. Whenever you have a patient, you should always remain vigilant to avoid the different types of abuse. This is particularly critical when you are handling the elderly and children since they may not be able to advocate for themselves in most circumstances. This article highlights some of the steps that you may take whenever you suspect nursing home abuse:

Recognizing the signs

injuryThe first step to addressing the nursing home abuse is recognizing the signs. This is highly recommended for identifying the nursing home abuse may be difficult since the patient stays with the medical staff most of the time.

Relatives and friends usually spend little time with them in the duration of the visiting hours. Some of the signs of nursing home abuse include bedsores, issues with medication, sudden weight loss, unusual financial transactions, and unexplained injury to mention a few.

Report an emergency

In the event you notice an emergency when you are examining your patient then inform the authorities immediately. This is crucial as it will help your loved one to get the medical care that he requires. It will also help the law enforcement agencies to witness the situation and prepare the file that will be vital for the prosecution. This will help your patient get justice when the court sessions begin.

Gather information

Just like what they say, information is power, and it is even more powerful when shared. That said, ensure that you gather sufficient information about your patient and the kind of abuse that he is subjected to. For instance, if you believe that your loved one has been physical abused, take pictures and also gain a second opinion from the other caregivers. This is important as it will help the personal injury attorney in creating a water-tight defense. The information you gather will also help you to lodge your complaints with the regulatory body.

Transfer your patient

Once you have evidence that your patient is being abused in a nursing home, transfer him to another facility. This will help in that the nursing home will not interfere with the evidence. Moreover, this is another way of ensuring that your loved one is not victimized further for opening up on the alleged injustices.

Talk to your attorney

lawyerAfter you have transferred your patient to another facility, you can talk to the personal injury attorney who will advise you on what to do and what steps to take. All the information that you gathered should be handed over to the attorney. Make sure that the attorney you select is well-experienced in this field. The personal injury lawyer will help you with the nursing home abuse settlement.


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